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28 servings per container

Consistent with our other products, Titan Nutrition refused to settle for anything less than the best ingredients, including 100% micro-filtered whey isolate protein. The cold micro-filtration process used by Titan in our Isolate is considered the gold standard and most natural method of protein extraction, resulting in the highest quality, completely non-denatured and bioactive protein on the market.

Titan Isolate is enhanced with a protease enzyme complex for added absorption and anabolic activity. These added enzymes aid in breaking the bonds of protein into smaller fractions of peptides and amino acids, which are essential to building new muscle. Isolate has minimal fat or carbohydrates, and is the fastest absorbing and highest yielding protein available, shuttling impressive amounts of amino acids directly into the muscle tissue, and stimulating longer states of protein synthesis (muscle building), increased nitrogen retention, greater cell volume and a higher state of muscle recovery after strength training.

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