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1 scoop = 1 serving  ~20 servings

ReBuild™ is the most complete post-workout formula ever designed. Intended for the most intense athletes, who demand post-workout nutrition that covers all aspects of recovery from muscle tissue repair and glycogen replacement to electrolyte restoration, joint rejuvenation, and more.

ReBuild provides a heavy dose of free form essential amino acids for immediate muscle tissue repair following training. The carbohydrate complex works to shuttle these amino acids into the muscle cells while replenishing glycogen stores for recovery and fuel. To support this glycogen transport we added a blend of insulin mimicking ingredients to drive carbohydrates and performance supporting nutrients like creatine, out of the bloodstream and into skeletal muscle tissue. 

Hard training sessions can take a toll on the body in more ways than just muscle damage. Recovery is a multipronged issue, so addressing total body rejuvenation takes more than just amino acids and carbs. Rebuild also delivers powerful antioxidants to reduce free radical damage and control inflammation. Electrolytes were included to maximize hydration following training. 

ReBuild was scientifically formulated to support the growth of lean muscle mass, accelerate post-workout recovery, and aid in whole body rejuvenation. Skip the post workout nutrition equation and enjoy the delicious taste of this all inclusive post-workout powerhouse.

Recommended Use

Mix with 10-16 ounces of cold water and consume immediately following exercise.

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