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**Only Available in Stores** 

There are many health issues that stem from deficiencies in micro-nutrients, and being low in them can cause some road blocks towards your fitness goals. Luckily you can get all your micro-nutrients in M-Factor. Since the demand for certain nutrients vary between men and women, there is a M-Factor to precisely meet each genders needs to increase overall health and speed up results.

  • Maximize Natural Energy Levels
  • Eliminate Vitamin Deficiencies
  • Improve Macronutrient Uptake
  • Improve Immune System

M-Factor Hero™

Delivers Essential Vitamins, Minerals, and Micro-Nutrients, Increases Protein Synthesis, Stimulates Muscle Growth and Hormone Function, Helps Protect the Prostate.

M-Factor Hero™ is a pharmaceutical-grade multivitamin that will ensure the optimal amounts of micro-nutrients are delivered to your system enabling your body to perform its essential metabolic processes and keep you functioning at your best. Not only does it contain the essential vitamins and minerals, it contains them all in the precise ratios that are needed to support the various diverse biochemical functions and demands of your body. Whether your fitness goal is to build muscle, lose weight, or simply to maintain a healthy body, M-Factor Hero is the cornerstone of your nutrition and supplementation program.

M-Factor Hero was formulated specifically for males to provide your body with all of the essential micro-nutrients that it needs to support peak metabolic function and maximize protein synthesis. It contains A2PC, a unique blend of essential and non-essential amino acids specifically formulated to help increase protein synthesis, stimulate muscle growth and expedite recovery from training. M-Factor Hero's Men's Health Complex stimulates natural hormone function and helps protect the prostate.

When you're planning your nutrition and supplementation program, be sure to make M-Factor Hero priority number one—without it you are missing out on the complete intended benefits that your other supplements, and even your own diet, bring to the table.


On Training Days: Take one serving in the morning and one serving in the afternoon.

On Non-Training Days: Take one serving in the morning.