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90 servings per container

Lipo N-3 is Titan’s latest muscle building and fat loss formula, combining the proven and time tested omega-3 oils from highest quality Salmon with newer additions to aid in both stability and efficacy. These ingredients are provided in the precise ratios found in University tested formulas, along with a complementary matrix that will both enhance results and increase shelf life.

• Oxygen and hexane free processing and dark bottles maintain freshness by minimizing oxidation.
• Natural Triglyceride form ensures optimal absorption.


• Lean Muscle Tissue
• Joint Protection
• Cardiovascular Health
• Brain Function
• Positive Mood

The Science Behind the Formula:

EPA / DHA: EPA (Eicosapentaenoic acid) and DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) are Omega -3 fatty acids obtained from marine sources such as algae and fish. Many fish, such as tuna, contain high amounts of mercury and PCBs that can be toxic. Lipo N-3 is derived from freshwater Salmon, thus removing the threat of toxic substances. Omega-3 oils are one of the most tested and verified efficacious supplements in existence. Their effects are far reaching and can be applied not only for building muscles but for overall health as well, as any machine must be kept running as smoothly as possible.

Inflammation – EPA and DHA both have been proven to greatly reduce inflammation in muscle tissue, joints, and the vasculature as well. This can reduce pain and swelling, accumulated from hard workouts and keep the body functioning as a unit. Whole body inflammation leads to breakdown of connective tissue and can derail progress in the gym. Inflammation has also been shown to reduce muscle growth greatly. Lipo N-3 GREATLY reduces inflammation.

Attention/Mood – EPA and DHA have also both been shown to increase attention and improve mood. An improved sense of well being and increased focus are often what separates a champion from the average lifter. Lipo N-3 is NOT for the average.

Reduced Catabolism – Recently EPA and DHA have been shown to not only reduce inflammation, but to actually reduce muscle breakdown as well! This is huge for the lifter, as many supplements are geared for anabolism, yet few address the catabolism that accompanies heavy training as well.

There is often confusion with Omega-3 product labels and supplement fact panels. A 1000mg soft gel only refers to the size of the soft gel and not the level of EPA and DHA, which determines potency. Make sure to read the supplement facts panel carefully to know how much EPA and DHA you are getting. Lipo N-3 has and extremely concentrated dose of both EPA and DHA in each 1000mg soft gel.

Lipo N-3 Directions: As a dietary supplement, take one serving with a meal 3 times a day.