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Lipo 6 Black

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120 Black-Caps  40 servings

Lipo 6 Black 

Over the last few years there have been many Fat loss products that have come and gone, all claiming to be hardcore… Now with the category saturated with so called hardcore formulas Nutrex takes fat-burning to another level. Beyond hardcore, beyond extreme, beyond maximum strength, way beyond any fat-burning experience you have ever had we bring you Lipo-6 black. This wicked formula is operating in a territory no other fat burner has ever dared to go. Welcome to the underground!

Lipo 6 Black Recommended Use: Due to the extreme potency of Lipo 6 Black all label guidelines must be followed. To experience the full underground strength of Lipo 6 Black take 3 Black-Caps in the morning and an additional 3 Black-Caps in the afternoon. Do not take within 6 hours of sleep. Never exceed 6 Black-Caps per day.

Lipo 6 Black Package Size: 120 Black-Caps