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The research team at German American Technologies (GAT) set out to produce Americas' most potent and innovative thermogenic fat burner, utilizing the most advanced, oil-based liquid delivery system. The best-in-class formula, delivers 14 of some of the most synergistic, lipotropic, fat emulsifying ingredients utilizing medium chain triglyceride oil, providing a much longer-lasting, "smoother and warmer", yet powerful fat burner. Improving upon the ever classic and favored ECA formulas used and embraced for so many years, JetFuel will continue to optimize the bodybuilding industry as it proves itself to be the most versatile and effective fat-burning supplement available anywhere. 

JetFuel has a clear, vegetarian "Li-cap" technology encases exact and precise ratios of its special compounds; until recently utilized mainly by the billion-dollar pharmaceutical companies for serious drug applications. The material inside can then be released and utilized by the body in a more efficient and enhanced manner. German American Technologies (GAT) refuses to use artificial ingredients, or ingredients that other brands may contain, leaving your hands inked with color, producing an odor on contact, or worse over; causing you stomach upset. Just swallow and entrust the pure, raw, power-packed liquid delivery to take effect. Off you'll be with such a psycho-stimulating rush, you'll nearly be unstoppable at the gym or anywhere you need the ultimate competitive edge. Some studies indicate that one of the ingredients in JetFuel may trigger sensations similar to adrenaline or even like testosterone. Harness your new found secret weapon to take you past new heights and thresholds you've never experienced until now! 

JetFuel is mainly designed for serious fat loss while preserving precious muscle. However, if you're primary goal is to build more muscle, simply take less per dose and use JetFuel to amplify workout intensity, allowing more muscle fiber stimulation. JetFuel's incremental dosing structure allows those lighter in weight as well as persons bigger & heavier the ability to adjust dosages to their specific fat burning needs. Just remember, JetFuel is extremely aggressive and powerful. Be sure to read the entire label before ingesting and never exceed the daily recommended dosages. 

If you've been training for a while you have probably heard of GAT (German American Technologies). For the past10 years GAT has tirelessly sought to the develop the most effective, cutting edge nutraceuticals the dietary supplement industry has to offer. A company that is truly "In Tune" with the needs and goals of fitness professionals, consumers, and health conscious people. We focus on quality products that work and deliver results rather than a bunch of marketing hype and political hoopla. 

How Is JetFuel Different? 

Have you ever tried a fat burner or energy drink that mad you feel totally horrible, frozen up and too jittery, like wanting to throw up, that you'll vow to never take that brand of supplement ever again? Good. Not with JetFuel! German American Technologies (GAT) takes the time to understand consumer needs, putting science and research in the forefront of product development. Each capsule of JetFuel is carefully measured out to be about as strong as a common 8 ounce can of energy drink. You'll probably love the control of JetFuel's precise and adjustable dosage. When taken in the proper way, Jetfuel will motivate the most finicky and discerning individual by putting them on the fast track to thermogenic heat and fire. This is an extraordinary product that truly makes sweat bead off, releases built up toxins within the body, and frees up stubborn concentrated fat that is stored. 

JetFuel starts working within 5 minutes, initiating the ultimate fat burning environment allowing your body to heat up and destroy unwanted stored fat molecules. At this rate, you will begin a journey to pleasantly surprising sensations every time you're taking that shirt on or off, stepping on that scale and looking in that mirror. Save precious time knowing you are burning more calories at a swifter optimizing rate. Meet and surpass you sticking points, fitness goals, and important deadlines. You will put your training into the "X- zone". Fat burning will no longer be a chore, but rather an energy enthralled super endorphin-enriched endeavor. One that will make you go back to the gym or athletic activity with such intensity and persistence you'll really need to feel to appreciate! We encourage everyone to help themselves or someone else with some JetFuel

The Truth About Fat-Loss And Developing "Great Abs"! 

Fat-Loss and "Getting Shredded" is like accounting and that's the real truth! Any fitness professional will tell you that you need to burn more calories daily than consumed in order to burn off stored body fat. They will also tell you that in order to see your abdominals you need to uncover them by getting your body fat down to a low percentage thus making a six-pack more visible. That's where JetFuel's fat burning precision technology and appetite suppression becomes so effective and utterly invaluable. Taking JetFuel on a light stomach before cardio first thing in the morning, and again with lunch, you can burn the fat off your body faster and easier, targeting stubborn "trouble areas" while increasing your metabolism for the rest of the day. This is daily efficiency at its finest! 

With only the real facts stated, again and again, not just a bunch of overdone marketing hype, we have now established the real equation for muscle definition and some very important blue prints for sculpting that winning leaner, even shredded physique. Get your own bottle of JetFuel, or get it for someone you know would appreciate it. JetFuel is effective for both men and women. 

JetFuel Directions: Always begin use with 1-3 JetFuel capsules to determine tolerance. Take 2-3 capsules with an 8 oz. glass of water 2 times daily. Take 2-3 capsules early in the day with a glass of water and another 2-3 capsules around lunch time with a glass of water. For best results, take JetFuel on an empty stomach with 2 glasses of water before doing cardio first thing in the morning. Do not take more than one capsule at least 5 hours before bedtime. Never consume more than six capsules in any 24 hour period. 

JetFuel Package Size: 144 Liquid Caps

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