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75 Servings @ 1 pill/ 25 Servings 3 pills.

Bigger Pumps, Leaner Physique and
Natural All Day Energy!

Until now, one of the biggest dilemmas facing bodybuilders has been the effective
use of carbohydrates. Hard-earned gains in the gym have often been buried by
unsightly body fat caused by excessive or poorly timed carbohydrate consumption.
But not anymore. Introducing the revolutionary FUEL INJECTOR GDA (Glucose
Disposal Agent). Finally, a superior way to improve training success and maximize
muscle gains.

Perfecting the balancing act of carb utilization and storage depends largely on
insulin sensitivity and the effectiveness with which sugars are metabolized. With
the rich assortment of ingredients found in the FUEL INJECTOR GDA formula, the
body is primed to properly absorb and store carbohydrate-rich foods.
This means excess glucose is eliminated and the glucose that does make it into
circulation can be properly stored and utilized for energy purposes; not carried
over and converted to body fat. No matter how you consume your carbs, FUEL
INJECTOR GDA puts glucose in its place. The result: more energy, greater
muscle gains, less body fat and unrivalled muscle pumps!


Super Berberine (Berberine Cyclodextrin) has been tested
in numerous studies and is found to effectively decrease
insulin resistance, increase glycolysis (the breakdown of
sugar in cells for energy), decrease sugar production in the
liver, increase beneficial gut bacteria and slow the breakdown
of carbohydrates in the small intestine.8, 21, 30 One 12-week
study found that obese individuals who took 500 mg of Super
Berberine three times daily lost an average of five pounds,
including a 3.6% reduction in body fat!10

Jiaogulan (95% Gypenosides) has been shown to help
combat insulin resistance and poor insulin production.
In one study, subjects who took this herb significantly
decreased total abdominal fat along with body weight, body
fat mass and BMI.20

Maqui Berry enhances the way carbs are used for energy.
One clinical study suggests that Maqui Berry may help lower
blood sugar in pre-diabetics.1, 18 Another study showed that
diets high in compounds called anthocyanins (found in Maqui
Berries) have a reduced risk of type 2 diabetes. 32

Pomegranate has been shown to aid blood sugar
management by correcting insulin resistance to reduce
circulating blood sugar levels. 2
Loquat Extract (Standardized for Maslinic Acid), has been
shown to improve metabolic health by reducing blood
triglycerides, blood sugar and excess insulin.31 Loquat Extract
has shown great promise as a natural alternative to improving
metabolic conditions such as diabetes.17, 27

Banaba Leaf Extract helps to keep blood sugar levels in
check by shuttling glucose into muscle cells (and away
from fat cells), where the sugars can be used to power
intensive weight training sessions.29 It does this by activating
insulin receptors on muscle tissue, a mechanism that
automatically lowers blood glucose levels.11, 13, 24, 25, 26 One
study demonstrated that just 10 mg of corosolic acid found in
banaba leaf extract significantly lowered blood sugar levels for
1–2 hours in subjects who were tested for sugar tolerance.6,11

Banaba inhibits fat cell production resulting from caloric
overconsumption. Banaba has also been shown to increase the
expression and activation of GLUT-4, a transporter protein that
allows glucose to be absorbed into the cells of the body.7, 19 This
is important for bodybuilders who want full, round muscle
bellies and ample training energy.

Gymnema Sylvestre (75% Gymnemic Shrubs) effectively
soaks up excess glucose and shuttles it where it belongs. One
of its primary active components, gymnemic acid, is known
for suppressing cravings for sweet foods by blocking the
sugar receptors on the taste buds.15

Glucomannan (from Konjac root) is another powerful blood
sugar stabilizing and weight-management agent. It works
by swelling up in the digestive tract and delaying stomach
emptying to increase satiety, all while decreasing caloric
intake at subsequent meals.12 Like Gymnema Sylvestre,

Glucomannan eliminates absorbed carbohydrates (and fats)
before they’re digested. This in turn, helps create a zerocaloric
environment from any excess calories consumed.

As mentioned earlier, FUEL INJECTOR GDA assists fat burning and muscle
building in various ways. For muscle building specifically, FUEL INJECTOR
GDA renders the body more insulin sensitive. This increases the uptake of
vital amino acids into muscle cells to fully induce muscle protein synthesis,
the real key to unlocking massive gains and fuelling muscle growth.

While there are many glucose disposal agent products on the market, FUEL
INJECTOR GDA is the only one scientifically proven to achieve results.
Today, many companies tout compounds such as cinnamon, chromium,
and metformin as being effective glucose disposal agents. However, FUEL
INJECTOR GDA features none of these ingredients for the simple reason
that they don’t work.33, 34, 35, 36, 37, 38, 39 In fact, many of these substances may
actually lead to fewer muscle gains. Why? Because some have been shown
to downregulate mTOR, the master regulator in protein synthesis.

FUEL INJECTOR GDA is the only fuel your body needs to manage blood
sugar levels enabling you to build a ripped, shredded physique.

In addition to consuming FUEL INJECTOR GDA with proven musclebuilders
such as ISOFLEX and CARBION+, FUEL INJECTOR GDA can also be
perfectly paired with superior amino acid products, such as MUSCLEAA
INJECTOR GDA will fully maximize muscle protein synthesis, optimizing
the many benefits of FUEL INJECTOR GDA.41, 42, 43 Including this innovative
new product in your training regimen will help you achieve bigger pumps, a
leaner physique and natural, all-day energy.


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