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[pump] (pəmp)

  1. v. Fill (something such as a tire or balloon) with liquid or gas using a pump.
  2. n. A supplement that increases cell volume (pump) via vasodilation or intracellular hydration during training. 

define[pump] is the very definition of what a muscle cell volumizer should be. It has efficacious doses of the right ingredients to aid in getting muscular pumps in the gym, hydrating your muscle cells, and increasing performance.

"Pump" is naturally occurring during resistance training when blood and other fluids are pushed to muscle cells, expanding them. Using ingredients to increase a pump can be a very beneficial way to increase hypertrophy and grow muscle size. define[pump] increases pump by providing L-Citrulline and Nitrosigine which increase nitric oxide production, allowing for greater vasodilation and bloodflow; Vasodrive-AP which inhibits vasoconstriction; and Glycersize, Betaine, and Sodium which increase intra-cellular hydration (pulling fluid to muscle cells). define[pump] uses above efficacious doses of all these ingredients at one scoop and the most effective doses at two scoops. These qualities make define[pump] the most ideal supplement to take before a workout for a pump.

Why use a pump supplement?

A muscle cell volumizer or pump supplement will help an athlete achieve a pump during a workout which will help achieve maximum muscular growth. During a workout, blood will flow to the targeted muscles, which will supply them with oxygen and nutrients and remove waste products. When a muscle is trained, blood flow is diverted to this muscle to help it perform maximally. This blood will become oxygenated before it goes to the working muscles, this will result in a tight feeling called a pump. A pump supplement will increase blood flow for maximum pump during a workout, which will result in more muscle growth overall.

Light dose:

  • 1 scoop 30 minutes before workout

Strong dose:

  • 2 scoops 30 minutes before workout

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