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Serving = 1 scoop Approx. ~28 scoops 


When it comes to a protein powder that does it all, look no further. Inspired Protein+ is your one-stop-shop for enhanced muscle gain, improved joint health, and a happier gut.

Don't settle for average – try Inspired Protein+ today and feel the difference!

Crafting the body of your dreams is no walk in the park. It's a labor of love that demands more than just lifting weights; it calls for a full-on commitment, both in the gym and in the sanctuary of your kitchen. If you think you can evolve into a chiseled machine without scrutinizing every morsel that enters your mouth, think again.

Above all, the journey to a rock-solid physique hinges on one nutrient: protein. It isn't just a part of your diet; it's the cornerstone when it comes to retaining and building muscle mass. Protein serves as the foundational building block for repairing tissue, and therefore putting on weight (the good kind).

However, the catch-22 here is that protein demands time and attention—something we all seem to be short of these days. Not everyone can live like a pro athlete, dedicating every waking moment to the preparation of meticulously balanced meals. And that's precisely where protein powder is so useful.

Protein powders haven't seen enough innovation lately. So at Inspired Nutraceuticals, we decided to fix that, and give you a better, full-spectrum protein with added collagen and digestive enzymes. We've named it Protein+.

Whey protein has been the go-to for athletes and fitness enthusiasts for years—and for good reason. Made from cow's milk, it's a complete protein with all nine essential amino acids your body needs for optimal performance.

But why stop at great when you can aim for phenomenal? Protein+ is more than just another protein powder; it's the future, designed to transform the protein supplement game forever.

So, if you're on the quest for not just a better physique, but also for superior recovery and joint health, you've just found your secret weapon.

Welcome to the next generation of protein powders. Welcome to Protein+.


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