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A REVOLUTIONARY MUSCLE SCIENCE BREAKTHROUGH! A scientifically developed, orally available ATP that has superior muscle skeletal absorption. BIO ATP® represents the greatest advancement in groundbreaking myotropic science. The muscle-building advantages ATP provide come to life with this soluble form of Adenosine which doesn't succumb to an inferior half life of down regulation. Feel the pump, power and body recomposition effects of THE soluble form of ATP - BIO ATP®! Enhances roadmap vascularity Promotes full muscle hyperemia (muscle pumps) Increases performance output 40 CAPSULES | DIETARY SUPPLEMENT ADDITIONAL INFORMATION Amount 40 capsules Serving Size Take 1-2 capsules with 4-6oz of water or your preferred beverage 30 mins before a workout. Amount per Serving (1 capsule) 550mg When should BIO ATP® be used? Take 1-4 capsules a half an hour before training for optimal neovascularization of muscle tissue.