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If you are traveling for business or pleasure, nothing beats the convenience of stretch tubing for getting in a fantastic strength training workout. With this lightweight exercise tool, you can get a great upper body, lower body and abdominal workout, anywhere you go.

The Great Stretch Tubing Handbook shows you how to attach stretch tubing to a door frame to get a complete workout. Several exercises are described, along with a section on rotator cuff exercises, which are often recommended by physiotherapists for shoulder strengthening. Other names for Stretch Tubing: Exercise Tubing; Exercise Band; Rubber Resistance Tubing; Rubber Tubing; Resistance Tubing; Rhombus Tubing and Resistance Band.

• A series of stretch tubing exercises to work the whole body
• How to make and use your own door attachment
• A section on rotator cuff exercises
• Stretch tubing safety
• Sample routine
• A complete stretching section
• Training tips
• Muscle anatomy diagrams

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