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One of the hottest new products to arrive on the fitness market is the Body Ball. Many fitness clubs and personal trainers are using the Body Ball to help clients reach their fitness goals. As well, most gyms now have ball classes as part of their strength and flexibility segments. As a result, there is an ever increasing number of people who are purchasing balls for home use.

The Great Body Ball Handbook shows the home user a range of different exercises, along with proper instruction and safety concerns. Other sections include: how to choose the correct ball size, proper ball inflation, and muscle anatomy diagrams.

Other names for body balls: Swiss Ball; Exercise Ball; Gym Ball; Stability Ball; Physio Ball; Fit Ball and Flex Ball.

• A series of body ball exercises to work the whole body
• How to pick the correct size ball and properly inflate it
• Sample routine for a ball workout
• Body Ball safety
• General exercise guidelines for a safe and effective workout
• Stretching routine
• Aerobic training
• Muscle anatomy diagrams

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