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MYO SCRIPT™ is the premier muscle building activator featuring MEDIATOR®: Phosphatidic Acid -- a patented blend of phospholipids that's been clinically proven to build muscle, strength, and help with fat mass loss in individuals who take in sufficient protein and carry out weight bearing exercise.

MYO SCRIPT™ also contains:

  • Vegas Leucine - an activator of the muscle potentiating pathway.
  • Serum Protein Isolate - a clinical serum protein with enhanced immuno boosting and muscle performance benefits.

160g (5.64oz) | DIETARY SUPPLEMENT



160g (5.64oz)

Serving Size

Mix 1 scoop with 5 fl oz of your favorite beverage or juice. May be taken up to twice a day.

Servings per container (1 scoop - 4g)


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