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15 servings

Simply Delicious Keto Protein.

The Ketogenic diet should be easy to stick with, but in a carb-run world, things can get tricky. While everyone is different, we are all fundamentally very similar. Our bodies were not designed to run on carbohydrates as a primary food source, especially refined ones like sugar and flour. Instead, our bodies are genetically programmed to use fat and protein to get energy.
Additionally, when following the ketogenic diet, people often lose hard-earned muscle as quickly as fat. With the low amount of protein required by the ketogenic diet, it’s hard to meet the protein demands of growing muscles. A diet needs to become a lifestyle, a way of eating that ensures the weight stays off and your new look stays on. If you can’t stick to the diet and turn it into a lifestyle, then what is the use? We at Purus Labs ran into similar problems, and decided to do something to make things a little easier on ourselves and our fellow Ketogenic dieters. Enter, KetoFeed®.

MCT Benefits:

  • Weight Loss - Thanks to the thermogenic power of MCTs, your body transitions from burning glucose to burning fat
  • Mental Focus - The MCTs from coconut oil break down into ketones which can be used by brain cells for fuel
  • Cellular Energy - MCTs act as an immediate energy source for your body, so it does not resort to breaking down muscle for fuel
  • Performance - The extra energy you get from burning fat may help to boost performance at the gym

Lose The Weight, Not The Muscle

With KetoFeed®, we knew that we had to up the protein intake for the average athlete. However, we didn’t want the protein intake to be high enough to spike insulin levels and mess with the athlete’s ability to keep shedding body fat.

We added 20g of high quality whey protein, filtered to remove all sugar, and to make sure that the protein didn't mess with the athletes’ fat-loss goals, we combined the protein with THE crucial component of the keto diet, FAT! MCT(medium chain triglyceride) fat, to be exact. The same type of fat that makes coconuts so healthy for you. This same MCT fat slows down the absorption of the protein and prevents it from spiking insulin levels.

KetoFeed® helps the body to maintain muscle with clean protein, burn fat for fuel and gather energy from MCTs. It’s an important tool for anyone participating in the ketogenic diet (or lifestyle) to have in his or her arsenal. Arguably the most important part? KetoFeed® tastes delicious and satiates carb-y dessert cravings!


Primary Ingredients:

Whey Protein Isolate
Whey protein isolates generally have a higher percentage of pure protein. So pure, in fact, that they are almost completely void of carbohydrates and lactose. Thus, whey protein isolate won’t spike your blood sugar like other protein supplements, but will provide that much-needed fuel to help you to build lean muscle and burn fat more efficiently.

MCT Fats
MCT fats, or medium-chain triglycerides are healthy fats from coconuts. MCTs help to provide neural and physical energy by converting to ketones within the liver. They can also help you to feel full longer, and help whey protein to process more slowly, further lowering the chance of a blood sugar spike.


How to use:
Shake, stir & bake!

Perfect for the Gym - Ketones - energy produced by your liver from fat fuel- before, during, or after a workout can give you a burst of energy before or help your recovery after your training is over. KetoFeed® is designed to maximize performance whether at the gym or in everyday life.
Perfect for a Meal Replacement - KetoFeed® is cold water soluble meaning you can add it into your cold brew coffee, blend up a smoothie, or make delicious sugar-free brownies using this low-carb friendly nutrient-dense product.
Perfect for On the Go - Get a boost of focused energy and satisfy carb-cravings, without the caffeine or sugar crash. The KetoFeed® formula is a lightweight powder, so you can take it with you anywhere you go for optimal convenience. Staying true to your keto lifestyle has never been easier.

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